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In the city of Townsville is a beautiful place with white pitch fences and clean crisp air. Home to the power puff shape superheroes and the Rowdytuff boys. These superheros sisters are made up of some sugar and spice and everything nice. This superhero squad of sisters regularly save Townsville from evilness. With their leader and commander Blossom. Then the joyful but sometimes underestimated Bubbles. Next is their toughest fighter with short black hair is Buttercup. Last but not least is their big sister for guidance is Bliss. With all four they are body, mind and spirit.


Joann and Ocean
Joann - 647-866-7005
Ocean - 416-939-8061

Girls Prices
Ultra Frontline $320
Frontline - $270
Midline- $190
Backline - $135
Backline with socks - $150

Boys Prices
Boys costume $120

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