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Oya is one of the most powerful African Goddesses, a Warrior-Queen, and the protectress of women. She can change from benevolent, caring Mother to destructive Warrior in the blink of an eye. Oya rules lightning, fire, tornadoes, earthquakes and storms of all kinds.
Passionate, fearless, sensual and independent, Oya is not a Goddess to be invoked lightly and must be treated with respect and care.


Kaelea and Cara

416-333-3644, 416-838-3506
IG: @oya.cnz

Male Backline - $290

Includes: shorts, headpiece, necklace, belt, arm pieces


Female Backline - $350

Includes: panty, bra, feathered tiara, armband, leg pieces, necklace


Female Midline – $650

Includes: gemmed panty, bra, tiara, midline backpack, leg pieces, arm pieces, necklace


Female Frontline – $950

Includes: Frontline wire bra, Frontline gemmed suspender panty, Frontline backpack, Frontline tiara, Frontline arm pieces, Frontline leg pieces, Frontline necklace. FRONTLINE WIRE BRA ONLY GOES UP TO DD.


Female UltraFrontline - $1,300

Includes: Ultra bodysuit, Ultra necklace, Ultra backpack, Ultra tiara, Ultra armpieces, Ultra leg pieces, Ultra necklace

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