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Luna, Goddess of The Moon, is the divine feminine embodiment of the moon. Daughter to the
Titan God of heavenly light, she descends nightly from the heavens to watch over and protect
mankind. Stemming from the Latin word lucere, meaning “to shine,” Luna is the source of light for all humanity.
The moon is the brightest object in our solar system, apart from the sun; yet the surface on the
moon is dark in colour.
With a beauty so intriguing that gods and mortals alike cannot resist her godly charms, Luna
spreads radiant love wherever she goes. She is the moon itself and her main symbol is the crescent moon.

The sacred guardian and guarantor of peace,

Luna plays an essential role in sewing magic and love together.

Male Backline - $290

Includes:  Head Band Chest Piece Belt Shorts OR Short Shorts, Arm bands, Leg bands


Male Frontline - $800

Includes:  Decorated Feathered Headpiece, Decorated Chest Piece, Decorated Arm Bands, Short Shorts, Decorated Belt, Decorated Leg Pieces


Female Backline - $350

Includes:  Decorated Bra, Decorated Panty, Tiara, Neck Piece, Arm Pieces, Leg Pieces


Female Premium - $500

Includes:  Decorated Bra, Decorated Belt, Panty, Tiara, Neck Piece, Arm Pieces, Leg Pieces


Female Midline – $650

Includes:  Decorated Wire Bra, Decorated Strappy Thong Bottoms, Tiara, Neck Piece, Arm Pieces, Leg Pieces


Female Frontline – $750

Includes:  Decorated Sports Bra, Tiara, Neck Piece, Upper Arm pieces, Wrist Bangles, Thigh Pieces, Lower Leg Pieces


Female UltraFrontline - $850

Includes:  Small Decorated Feathered Headpiece, Decorated Wire Bra, Decorated Strappy G-String, Arm Pieces, Thigh Pieces, Leg Pieces,


Female Featherless UltraFrontline - $900

Includes:  Decorated Crown Decorated Monokini, Decorated Neckpiece, Decorated Arm Pieces, Decorated Thigh Pieces, Decorated Leg Pieces 

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