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LIL NATIONZ Band Launch Flyer-05.jpg


As Guardians of our Lil Nationz Virtual world Gamification we pledge to Protect the Artistry, the Creativity, the Comradry, the Love, the Competition, the Dance, the Music, the Food, the Games,

the Joy, the Laughter, the Fun. We pledge to preserve Carnival.
Inside the Lil Nationz Virtual World Gamification just as in the real world the Guardians are here to ensure the Culture lives on. The Guardians will protect the Culture, the Guardians will protect the Pan and Soca, the Guardians will protect the Mas.
Enter into our Gamification portal a world of creativity and wild imagination. 
We are the Guardians of the Metaverse.


Girls Prices
Ultra Frontline- $350
Frontline - $250
Midline- $200
Backline - $135

Boys Prices
Backline - $120

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