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Carnival Nationz Inc. is a seventeen-year-old organization that was formed with the intention of creating a Toronto Caribana experience unparalleled to any other.  Combined, the founding members of CNz Inc. have over 50 years worth of experience in marketing, targeting and promoting events specifically to the diverse and expanding Caribbean community within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).  CNz Inc. is composed of two major stakeholders.



Together this group has also demonstrated an extensive track record of success in both small-scaled ventures such as club-based promotions to large scaled projects that attract thousands of patrons, e.g. Unite de Nations (6,000 people annually on Canada Day @ Markham Fair Grounds) and Last Lap (4,000 people during Caribana).


Based upon the continued success of such established events, the group diversified its portfolio in 2005 by joining North America’s largest annual summer festival/parade, i.e. Toronto’s Caribana.  CNz Inc. produced a masquerade band of over 700 participants in that year.  This inaugural presentation themed “This is Paradise” created history by being the only band ever to capture the most coveted Caribana award “Band of the Year” in its very first year.  Fast forward to 2022 and CNz Inc. has established itself as one of the most successful and recognizable brands within the world’s mas fraternity attracting close to 4,000 masqueraders each year, while winning eight “Band of the Year” titles and numerous other major awards such as the “King”; “Queen”; “Male Individual”; and “Female Individual” titles over multiple years.  CNz Inc. is the only band in Toronto’s carnival history to win all 11 awards available in one festival year.

Over the years, CNz has also managed to successfully expand its operations to become a true regional brand by participating in Miami Carnival and Cayman Islands Batabano festival as well.  CNz Inc.’s continued successes and expansion will translate to over two million people across North America & the Caribbean being exposed to the band across these three major carnival markets.


Bryce Aguiton

Began promoting small scaled club events in Toronto in 1993, while attending Ryerson University, under the name .He soon emerged as one of the most innovative and marketing savvy promotional units in Toronto’s Caribbean landscape.Over the following 16 years this Masters degree graduate (from University of Waterloo) has thrown close to 300 events ranging in size from small-scaled club events attracting on average 500 people to large scale concerts drawing over 12,000 patrons.His continued ability to adapt to and change with the times has translated into one of the most trusted and reputable brand names in the Caribbean community.


Marcus Eustace

This creator of individual King & Queen mas pieces for competition in both the Toronto and Trinidad & Tobago carnivals is one of the most decorated and respected designers in the mas/costume fraternity worldwide. With over 15 King & Queen titles in Toronto’s Caribana festival and a record 9 titles at Trinidad Carnival, Mr. Eustace has been recognized by the Trinidad and Tobago government as one of its truly unique talents.He has also designed awarding winning costumes for such major events as the “Opening Ceremony of the 2007 Cricket World Cup” (held in the West Indies).His designs have also been featured at Miami Carnival, Labour Day celebrations (in New York), Boston Carnival, Nottinghill Carnival (UK), Montreal and Ottawa carnivals, to name a few.Always striving to be a step ahead of the field, Mr. Eustace’s talents have earned him a reputation as a fierce but visionary designer.

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