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Temminckii fish

Temminckii Fish

The Temminckii fish is also known as the genus of the wrasses family. They are restricted to the reefs in the Indo-Pacific waters. Temminckii typically get along well with most fish. Somewhat of a celebrity. They are brightly colored and do not surpass 15cm (5.9 in) in length. They are very popular among marine aquaria hobbyist. When the male Temminckii is in heat he likes to "flash" his colors, generally a metallic-like shades of blue, violet and purple and yellow. This signifies to the female that he is ready for a mate. The male Temminckii fish possess a long filament on the dorsal fin. The females are smaller than the male Temminckii fish. Most Temminckii fish are quite colorful, sexual dimorphis and sexually dichromatic.


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